New Year, New You!

Dec 11, 2021

Are you one of those people who, every new year decide to make big changes to your lifestyle, only to have forgotten them by February 1st? Or, because you are afraid of failure you never comit yourself to make any resolutions?

Either way you cannot moan about your lot if you never take that first step to making a change!

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The first step is the mental thought that you deserve better than you are getting at the moment and better than you are allowing yourself to achieve.

So why not give yourself a couple of minutes thought and think about the 5 most important elements of your life…….Is it family?…..Is it health?…..Is it work?…..Friends?……you’re choice, your life.

Then for each of those 5 areas of your life, truthfully ask yoursef, out of 10 how happy are you with each one at this very moment in time…1/10, 5/10, 9/10?

For any one of those 5 elements of your life that comes lower than 7/10 you need to ask yourself “how can I make that 8/10 or 10/10?”

These things don’t have to be life changing. They just need to be attainable. For example, if your health is 5/10 by getting outside and walking in the fresh January air for just 15 minutes will not only improve your cardio vascular fitness it will help mentally motivate you into increasing the amount of activity you do tomorrow…and tomorrow when you check in with your happiness levels again your health “box” might just increase a notch to 6/10!

This “Grid of Life” is a little self-help tip given to me by my business and life coach, Nicky Valantine. Its something which can be steered towards personal and business matters. Either way its a concept which puts you in the driving seat. You fill in the boxes with your important elements, which may be different to the next person, and you have control of the scoring and the actions that need to take place.

At Kinetic Clinics we can guide you towards many highly experienced professionals who could help you in a number of these elements. Whether it be pain management, improving your fitness levels, guiding you through Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy or Coaching. We can even teach you a new skill to help you become a Therapy Professional yourself.

So don’t procrastinate this New Year…Make 2019 the start of something good.

Make 2019 the year you give yourself a 10/10 life!

Written by Gayle Cotton. Clinic Director and Head Sports Therapist, Kinetic, The Therapy Professionals Collective

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