Gayle Cotton – Clinic Owner and head Sports Therapist

The Director of Kinetic, Gayle has over 25 years experience working in Sports Therapy. Since qualifying at the University of Hertfordshire, she has worked with several professional teams including Rotherham United Football Club, Rotherham Titans RFC and Sheffield Steelers, in addition to 14 years teaching in further education.

Her passion lies in assessing how the body moves and how sports injuries/bad posture affects this. Treatment with Gayle goes beyond addressing the immediate symptoms: she believes that the only way to eliminate a problem is to find and treat the underlying cause.

Recently qualifying in Tecartherapy for both injury treatment and Physio Aesthetics, Gayle has been drafted into the Winback Academy teaching team, educating other professionals around the country in this effective electrical application. She specialises in Be Activated muscle activation therapy; a treatment protocol designed to make simple changes to incorrectly functioning muscles, allowing the body to make immediate shifts towards resilience, strength and speed.

As one of the UK’s most advanced practitioners in Be Activated Therapy, Gayle has taken on an Advisory and Mentoring role. This enables other practitioners using Be Activated to seek guidance in their own practises and to trouble-shoot with one of the most astute specialists around.

In 2021 after several years out of teaching, Gayle realised due to the pandemic, that students studying Sports Therapy at university were lacking in clinical experience and confidence. With her passion for creating exceptional practitioners in her profession, she took on two graduates and gave them a clinical internship, training them up in advanced hands-on techniques, Be Activated, Bodyreading, and electro therapy. Both of these graduates then joined the team here at Kinetic and are valuable members of the Collective. She is looking at developing this Internship Programme again in 2022. Any graduates interested in taking part should contact Gayle.

Aside from this, Gayle’s other passion is Golf!

Her thirst for knowledge has led to her combining her therapy skillset with her love of this sport.

Training with the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) at The Belfry, Gayle has learnt to identify how movement anomalies in the golfer can lead to inconsistancy in their swing patterns, thus leading to frustration on the golf course in addition to re-occuring injuries.

As a TPI Certified Medical Practitioner , and specialist in functional movement patterns, leisure and professional golfers alike can benefit from Gayle’s experienced eye.

Book a session with Gayle and iron out all those frustrating Glitches and Yips!