The most efficient swing is not the same for every golfer, because efficiency is unique to their body.

Have you ever wondered why you have lesson after lesson but whatever your coach instructs you to do just doesn’t feel natural or easy to achieve or maintain? This may be because your body physically cannot do what your coach is asking it to do! Without diagnostic testing you may not know what is stopping you and your coach cannot adapt your instruction until he/she knows…

This is where our golf screening really becomes helpful!

Our head Sports Therapist Gayle Cotton trained with TPI (Titleist Performance Institute ) at The Belfrey PGA National Golf Academy to become a Certified TPI Screening professional. She has a passion for the game and works closely with both amateur and professional golfers alike, most recently her involvement with Golf Scholars of Wath Academy in association with Waterfront Golf where champion young amateur player Ben Schmidt is completing his scholarship.

The Golf Screening Process takes you through 16 functional tests, each one relates to part of the golf swing. For example the 90:90 Test shown below which assesses how each shoulder joint can achieve rotation and how stable the scapula or shoulder blade is during the set-up and swing position. This screening test is designed by Titleist and is the same test used at their research facility in California and applied to some of the top professional players on the world tour. They use these same diagnostics to identify strengths and weaknesses throughout the season and inbetween.

Once the screening is complete, a Muscle Activation assessment is also carried out. This will highlight how you use muscles during the golf swing which will identify a neurological reason why certain swing characteristics can’t be achieved. Muscle Activation and exercise prescription can then follow on to help you engage the correct muscles and build power where necessary to create a more efficient and consistent swing which may reduce any frustrating repetitive injuries.

I specialise in 3d motion capture and have professional and Amateur players visit from across the Country for Analysis of their motion on a weekly basis. Currently I utilise the Myswing 3D motion system.

3D motion capture is a process of having wireless sensors applied to different body parts and capturing shots from short game shots to Irons and Drivers.

Every part of a players movement can be analysed including:
Wrist motions

The Golf motion and in particularly the down swing phase happens in the blink of an eye and players can now see that from any angle 360 degrees.

Another key feature of this state of the art technology is biofeedback training. Biofeedback training is an auditory tone that helps players to train movements. Biofeedback is proving to be very successful in helping players understand how to learn new movement patterns.

Reports are provided, looking at the Kinematic Sequence of the golf swing which can be used as a training tool for improvement.

Golf Screening packages :

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On-Par Maintenance Package

Golf Fitness session with TPI re-testing and report.


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The Birdie Package

TPI Golf Screening with report
Muscle Activation Assessment


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The Eagle Package

3D Motion Swing Analysis with report.
TPI Golf Screening (with report)
Muscle Activation Assessment
Follow up session for either hands-on treatment or Golf fitness programme.