Introduction to Anatomy Trains – Bring the book to life with this BRAND NEW workshop!

The Anatomy Trains bodymap lays out how fascia and muscles are connected in meridians throughout the body. Learn to map the pattern and shape the change – no matter what your modality in the manual therapy and movement worlds.

This workshop is intended for movement professionals – yoga and Pilates instructors, physical therapists and somatic practitioners, and manual therapists with an interest in the movement implications of these continuities.

All of the 12 ‘myofascial meridians’ join the individual muscles into functional complexes – each with a precise anatomy and ‘meaning’ in human posture and movement. Grasp of the Anatomy Trains system leads to practical new strategies to improve stability, coordination, and resolve long-standing dysfunctional patterns.

Workshop Format:
The workshop spends roughly equal time on 1) lecture/presentation of the concepts and the lines, 2) BodyReading and postural / movement analysis, and 3) stretching, “awakening”, and touch-cueing techniques from our (and your) movement education library.

This course helps you:

  • BodyRead your client’s postural and movement patterns with greater accuracy and integration to get to the cause, not the symptom.
  • Make global and meaningful changes in your clients’ movement patterns.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand basic properties and connected nature of fascia, and tensegrity design applied to fascia and human movement.
  • A succinct and relevant introduction to the fascial layers, and the properties (and debunk some of the myths) of your body’s connective tissues.
  • Be able to identify and trace the 6 major and 6 supplemental fascial meridians along which movement, tension, and postural distortion travel.
  • Be able to BodyRead postural patterns based on analysis of Anatomy Trains lines.
  • Apply knowledge to construct alternative movement strategies to help unwind and resolve the patterns observed.

Learning Environment:

  • Illustrated lecture
  • Open inquiry atmosphere; questions encouraged; high degree of vitality and humor
  • Participants will exchange palpation and practice BodyReading (visual assessment) on one another under supervised analysis of instructor and assistants.

Date: 27/28th October 2020


Cost: Early Bird Offer £430 if paid in full before 16/09/20. Full Price £450.


Cancellation less than 2 weeks before – no refund


Deposit – 50%. Cancellation more than 4 weeks before – full refund less an admin fee of £50.


Cancellation 2-4 weeks before- deposit transferrable to another Anatomy Trains UK workshop with Kinetic Clinics Ltd minus £50 administration fee.


**** To avail of the Early Bird Discount, the full early bird rate must be paid before the ‘early bird deadline’, otherwise full price option will be applied****

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