November 18 Training Newsletter

Dec 11, 2021


A brilliant new course coming to Kinetic in 2019!


A brand new training course for therapists that’s been 100 years in the making

At last ! The truth about how to help more people, more effectively and in shorter appointment times — Revealed!

This fascinating and unique course addresses the Physiological Efficient Posture (PEP). So it looks at how the gravitational field can alter this to the detriment of our wellbeing. Affecting not just the skeletal and muscular systems but also the cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, energetic, excretory, fascial, immune, lymphatic and urinary systems.

Posture affects and moderates every physiological function, especially respiration, oxygenation and sympathetic function. It has been clinically observed that many symptoms, including pain, may be moderated or eliminated by improved posture.

Core Postural Alignment uses gentle pressure on to muscles to encourage your body into its correct alignment. The posture is assessed using a plumb line, identifying distortion patterns and formulating a bespoke alignment prescription.

A course of treatment aims to align your limbs and spine, placing your joints in a neutral position and therefore relieving stresses and strains on your muscles and ligaments. It is suitable for people of all ages and lifestyles, and may help promote health and well being.





To provide students with key background knowledge on the effects of gravity on the posture.To give a greater understanding on alignment issues linked to the gravitational pull on the body. How to assess the body for loss of primary alignment using a plumb line.To identify displacement of the centre of gravity on the posture, and the body’s neuromuscular “holding point”.To provide the skills necessary to realign the client’s posture using specific hands-on techniques.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

Understand how to assess the body’s postural alignment and identify imbalances.

Have the ability to apply new hands-on skills to help realign the body’s PEP.

Develop an understanding into how to integrate these skills within your skillset to gain optimum results for your client’s wellbeing.


The training course is only open to existing, active practitioners who hold professional indemnity insurance.


The original technique was developed in the 1920’s by two chiropractors, Dr. John Hurley D.C. and Dr. Helen Sanders D.C.,PhC.Kept pure by Dr. Francis Goes D.C. he taught it to Dr. LaMar Rosquist D.C. in the late 1950’s. Over the next 10 years he encouraged Dr. Rosquist to refine the original technique for the next generation.

In 1998 Dr. Allyn Edwards D.C. and Dr. Sue Weller D.C. became the first authorised tutors in Europe. They worked with Dr. Rosquist over the next 10 years to refine the technique again for their generation. In 2008 Dr. Rosquist wrote to them and charged them with keeping this technique alive and with developing it further for posterity. Dr Rosquist died in 2012

Course duration: 3 day intensive training over one weekend.
Dates: 5,6,7th April 2019

Course Accreditation :FHT

Cost :- £700. A deposit of £50 is required to secure your place on the course.

Places are limited to 12. The remainder of the fee must be paid within one month of the start date.
Early Bird Special- pay in full 4 weeks before the course start date and receive a £50 discount

CPD: 24 hours


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